What to Look for in a Window Cleaner

What to look for in a window cleaner
We often find new customers coming to us because they have had problems with their previous window cleaner. Here is some advice and what to look for when choosing a window cleaner.

  • Reliability – Will the window cleaner turn up when they are supposed to?
  • Insurance – Does the window cleaner have adequate public liability and accident insurance?
  • Safety – Does the window cleaner take health and safety seriously?
  • Honesty – Can you trust your window cleaner to be around your property?
  • Professionalism – Does the window cleaner take the job seriously?


This is the biggest complaint of customers. They take on a window cleaner and after a while he disappears or turns up when he likes. The weather does not make it easy to keep to a strict time table, sometimes it just is not possible to clean windows but at the same time disappearing for weeks on end is not acceptable. It shows no respect for customers leaving them wondering whether their window cleaner will turn up again. At Splash Window Cleaning we will turn up on your specific day, unless we have been beaten back by the weather. We are not ‘Jack the Lad’ who disappears when the fancy takes him. We are reliable and reliably good job.